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Articles And Resources > 2012 Bathroom Design Trends

There are a lot of changes in what's popular in bathroom design this year. Once fashionable green color schemes are beginning to be eclipsed by gray color schemes in popularity. Medicine cabinets, which have been out of style for years, are in again. Natural stone tiles and sinks are replacing brightly colored tiles and stainless steel sinks. Once pricey electronic bathroom accessories like digital shower heads, towel warmers, and heated tiles are rising in popularity. And polished chrome is picking up in popularity at the expense of brushed metal surfaces like brushed nickel. Continuing in popularity this year are vessel sinks, which are now sold just as much as conventional porcelain undermount sinks.

Green Gives Way to Gray

Green color schemes are still popular in bathroom design but are starting to become passe. Gray color schemes are climbing in popularity because a lot of bathroom designers want a more natural look. Gray goes well with a lot of traditional building materials and gives rooms a soothing look.

Bathrooms with calm, reserved color schemes and styles are more popular this year, and what could be a more laid back color scheme than a gray color scheme? Bright, screaming colors aren't as popular this year as they used to be.

Along with gray, brown and off-white color schemes are popular as well. Bathroom designers in 2012 are focused on creating bathrooms that serve as sanctuaries more than conversation starters. If you feel like you need a bathroom that makes a lot of bold statements, go right ahead, but if not, you can feel confident knowing that subdued bathrooms are hot right now.

Medicine Cabinets are Back

Long out of favor with designers, medicine cabinets are roaring back. Homeowners in 2012 want more space for storing their belongings in bathrooms. Medicine cabinets are the perfect storage solution for bathrooms. They are unobtrusive and easily help increase the storage capacity of bathrooms.

Expect to see a lot more bathrooms with medicine cabinets in 2012. This time honored bathroom staple is once again fashionable.

Stone Rocks Right Now

Nothing has a more natural appearance than stone. Stone tiles and stone sinks are the must have bathroom additions this year. Stainless steel sinks are now considered a bit dull, and people that want a bathroom with a fresh look are advised to look for stone sinks.

Tubs with bright colors are giving way to tubs that look like they are made of more natural materials. Marble is as popular as ever, but stone has a raw essence that designers in 2012 are getting excited about.

Everybody Wants Digital

Digital shower heads are one of the hottest bathroom accessories this year. Long reserved for the wealthy, digital shower heads are programmable shower heads that can be programmed to produce almost any unique showering experience.

Digital shower heads are still expensive, but that hasn't stopped designers from incorporating them into bathrooms. This is partially due to popular demand, but also due to the fact that a lot of digital shower heads have an elegant look lacking in many traditional shower heads.

Fancy electronic accessories like towel warmers are also hot this year. Comfort is the name of the game in 2012. Homeowners want natural looking bathrooms, but they also want their bathrooms to be as comfortable as possible.

Heated tiles and radiant floor heating are as popular as ever. More homeowners are fed up with dealing with cold tiles and are willing to do something about it. Designers like how using heated tiles eliminates unattractive ducts.

Some radiant floor heating systems are more energy efficient than traditional heating systems. Consequently, quite a few radiant floor heating systems are less expensive to operate than the heating systems most people use. This has helped to boost their popularity this year as more homeowners try to trim their electric bills.

Polished Chrome is Once Again Considered Attractive

Designers a couple years ago shied way from polished chrome. Some thought it looked tacky; others thought it was a little too flashy. Now, although most designers are trying to give bathrooms a more subtle look, quite a few are becoming taken with polished chrome.

Polished chrome actually works well with bathrooms with a lot of stone decor and subdued color schemes. It can add the right amount of zip to an otherwise very sedate bathroom.

2012 will be a break out year in terms of bathroom design revolutions. A lot of changes are in the works and people should start seeing a lot of beautiful new bathrooms this year.

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