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Decorating a bathroom is important since it's a room that is used so often. There are a lot of different ways it can be designed depending on the person that will be using it the most often. Another thing that should be considered when decorating is feng shui. This is a Chinese design system that calls for things inside of a room to be arranged in a certain way. This will give the space good flow, which turns into positive energy. Without proper orientation, the room can end up being a negative place for anyone who is in it.

Steps for creating positive energy in any bathroom include:

1. Mirror Placement

There should be a mirror on the inside of the room right above the door. Alternatively there can be a mirror on the outside of the door on the front. Of course there should also be a mirror to use right above the sink.

2. Colors

Bringing different colors into a bathroom will give it earthy tones that look beautiful and feel calming. In order to bring in wood elements, the colors brown and green should be used. For earth, beige, sand and light yellow can be used. For water, blue and black can easily be brought into the space. One of the colors from each element can be used to bring in different feels. Dark and warm colors should be balanced out so the room isn't too negative or too bright.

If the bathroom is in the center of a room, the walls should be painted red. This signifies good luck and can look great when matched with the right decorations inside. Copper sinks are great for feng shui because they they are nice colors and easy to keep clean. They also add a lot of shine to the room without a lot of lighting being needed.

3. Representations

Everyone should have something in their bathroom design that represents wealth. For a lot of people this is a symbol, while others enjoy having certain colors. Feng shui crystals are also perfect for showing wealth. These crystals shine a few different colors and some have scents to them as well. These are easy to find and shine beautifully when the lights hit them. Putting the crystals into a bowl is an easy way to display them.

How to decorate an upstairs bathroom above the kitchen?

Bathrooms in these spots need to have uplifting pictures in the area that is underneath them. If this is the kitchen, then it should be something that matches the decor in there. This could be a picture of a tree, a sunset or anything else that is nice. There should also be a crystal hanging from the center of the ceiling. For the decorations, natural objects should be used. This can include plants, stone vases and terra cotta bowls.

Tips for all bathrooms:

1. Keep the toilet lid shut when the toilet is not in use. Leaving this open will throw off the space and make it feel negative. Not to mention it can also make the room feel dirty. The lid should also be kept clean so it doesn't have any marks on it.

2. The entire bathroom should also be kept clean so it looks and smells nice. The floor can easily be swept to keep all dirt and hair away from the corners. All the toilet needs is a light scrub daily and it won't develop rust or slime. Mirrors should also be cleaned, especially if they have toothpaste or water marks on them.

3. Eight stalks of bamboo should be used throughout the space. These can be combined together in a terra cotta pot to add an earthy element as well as some luck. They can also be placed around the room in a design that looks good.

4. Creating a rich and luxurious feel in the space is very important. One easy way to do this is by bringing in a fabric shower curtain. Gold is a great color to consider, especially if the walls are painted red. Too many decorations can make the space feel small and stuffy. Stick with a few decorations that are simple and natural looking.

5. The colors of the towels in each bathroom should also be considered. They should accent the colors that are on the walls and the decorations. Using something that doesn't match will only ruin the energy and cause negative feelings. Red, white, brown and green are all popular options.

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