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Articles And Resources > How To Choose A Bathroom Contractor

When choosing a bathroom contractor to remodel your bathroom, you should follow some steps to ensure that you choose the best contractor for the job. These steps include;

1. Ask for referrals:

This should be your first step when choosing a bathroom contractor. Word of mouth is among the best ways of finding a qualified professional that will be able to do a commendable job. You can ask for referrals from many sources. For instance, you can ask your neighbours, friends or relatives if they know any good bathroom contractors. You will be surprised by the amount of valuable information you get about different contractors. When asking for referrals, it is important to ask your referees to rate their overall experience with each bathroom contractors they have worked with. This is important in order to find out exactly why they prefer one contractor over another.

2. Take a look at the credentials of each contractor:

Once you have asked for referrals and gotten a list of bathroom contractors, the next step is to look at the credentials of each contractor. With recommendations acquired from referrals, you can do some preliminary research by visiting the websites of the contractors. Websites will give you information about the credentials of your potential contractors. For instance, preliminary research will help you to find out if a certain contractor holds a certain license that is required by the state or local municipalities. You will also be able to find out if a contractor has designations with professional associations i.e. the National Association Remodelling Industry (NARI). In terms of credentials, you should look for a bathroom contractor that has invested a lot in coursework and passed difficult tests to earn certain certifications. It is however important to note at this point that there are different certifications. You should thus consider only the best and most important certifications.

3. Conduct interviews:

After getting referrals and looking at the credentials of contractors, you can now narrow down your list of potential bathroom contractors and then set up interviews with them. Your interview list should have a maximum of five contractors. This is important in order to avoid getting too many quotes which can be very confusing when it comes to decision making. When conducting interviews, you should be interested in how contractors answer different questions. For instance, because contractors are practical, you should be sceptical about an extremely vocal contractor. Instead, go for contractors that have brief arguments based on experience, past jobs and quality among other important elements of a good contractor. You should also look for chemistry between you and a contractor as this will form the basis of a longstanding relationship.

4. Check references

Once you have interviewed your contractors and gotten additional information. The next step is to check the references you have acquired. Checking references involves checking contractors past projects. The main reason behind checking references is to ascertain if the contractors meet your standards or preferences. For instance, if a certain bathroom contractor claims they build the best stone sinks and you ask for references on such works, visiting such past projects will help you ascertain if they really did a good job or they are just blowing their own trumpet. It is important to note that sometimes checking references may be tricky especially when checking bathroom contractors because these contractors mostly work in private residence thus accessing such references might be very difficult. This should however not discourage you from confirming if potential contractors work like professionals i.e. complete projects in time, provide quality bathroom remodelling e.t.c.

5. Get it in Writing

After you have checked various references and zeroed in on a suitable bathroom contractor, the next step is to examine the documents the contractor has prepared. This is important in terms of accessing the professionalism of the contractor. Examining the documents will also help to confirm that the contract is fair and balanced in terms of the legal requirements. There can be many occurrences during bathroom remodelling i.e. injury, damage of property or even loss of life among many other occurences. A good contract should clearly indicate what should happen in case such rare occurences happen otherwise you might expose yourself in the event such risks happen. After you have confirmed that the contract is waterproof, you can hire your contractor to start working.

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