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Articles And Resources > How To Choose A Vanity For A Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks are undoubtedly time-tested bathroom items that have enjoyed regular use since early Roman Empire presented the idea of indoor plumbing to the world. Although porcelain sinks took place of vessel sinks during the twentieth century, modern interior designers are trying to revive vessel sinks. Porcelain sinks might be sufficiently effective, but they have no personality. On the other hand, vessel sink vanities are artistically and exquisitely designed bathroom items that are most likely to elicit admiration from every person who visits you. A suitable bathroom vanity enables you set the scene for creating the ambience you desire. However, there are a number of factors needed to be considered before buying a vanity.

1. Decide the size of your vessel sink vanity. Small bathrooms are ideally fitted with smaller bathroom vanities of comparatively lighter hues. Choosing the lighter shades accentuate the clean look and brightness of this indispensible centerpiece. The sink should also be in ivory or porcelain shades. Using a ceramic or glass material for vanities is better. Alternatively, you can select a bigger vanity size if your bathroom is large or shared by multiple individuals. Either way, there are countless bathroom vanities to choose from. You will never regret installing a larger vanity, but always remember to leave enough space beside it for accessing adjoining parts for cleaning, particularly if your toilet sits next to it.

2. Select an appropriate height. Normally, vanities are 29 to 36 inches high. People with back problems are suggested to select a 36 inches high vanity. If your bathroom space cannot handle 36 inches, opt for something with less height.
3. Choose a suitable material. Vessel sink vanities can be made from wood, metal, glass, ceramic, marble, granite, onyx, or other natural stones. You can choose a material according to the size and interior of your bathroom. It is better to choose glass and ceramic for smaller sized bathrooms. For larger bathrooms you can select anything from wood to natural stones.

4. Select a style matching to the décor of your house. For example, marble or granite bathroom vanities with antique look work best for homes with traditional interior. On the other hand, if you have a house with contemporary interior, you are suggested to opt for modern bathroom vanities. Modern vanities are mostly sleek, minimalist, and metallic. The come with chrome or nickel finish and a frame less mirror. Modern bathroom vanities are more adaptive to variety of homes, as they can easily fit into a bathroom without grabbing too much attention, while traditional style vanities look inappropriate in ultra-modern settings.

5. Experiment with designs and styles. Use your creativity and imagination for creating a custom vanity. If you have a little artistic flair, creating a custom vessel sink vanity will be fun. In fact, you can entirely do it over the internet. You can select a top, cabinet, vessel sink and a mirror according to your preference. A custom vanity can easily be created, even without using one of the mentioned items.

Important Tips

Since you want your bathroom vanity to be long lasting, make sure that you select a durable material. Cheaper materials start of wear after some time. Investing in a good quality product will be a wise decision, as it will add value to your house.

Most cabinetry comes with full overlay door nowadays. If your bathroom vanity sits against the wall, the full overlay door's front corner will scrape against the wall while opening. Therefore, you will have to set your vanity an inch away from the wall. The gap must be filled with matching trim.

For easy access to plumbing beneath the bathroom vanity, it is better to opt for vanities that do not have a vertical wooden piece in the middle of the opening. The entire door opening must be unimpeded if there are two doors.

The vessel sink is an artistic centerpiece. Therefore, choose a vessel that is ostentatious, captivating and interesting, but still matches the overall theme.

Always center the light fixture and medicine cabinet over the vanity. Otherwise, it might not look right. If your bathroom vanity sits right against the wall and is broader than the medicine cabinet, there would be an empty space between the two items.

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