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Articles And Resources > How To Choose A Vessel Sink

Bathrooms are no longer predictable; with conventional white porcelain sinks. Aesthetics is important in designing or revamping this oft neglected niche in a home. Today, there is no dearth of choice from which you can pick and choose a sink of your choice. The options available to you range from materials, designs, colors and textures. Your bathroom sink need not be boring anymore. You can change the complete look of your bathroom by deciding to fit in a modern sink which has visual appeal. It can now be the focal point of your bathroom around which the decor revolves. You can incorporate the sink to match the color scheme of the bathroom or use it to highlight and give the bathroom a new dimension. To cut it short the sink is no longer just a utility item but rather an accessory used to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Vessel sinks are one of the most stylish and elegant styles currently available to dress up your bathroom. While being contemporary they also have an old world charm. The design is actually inspired by wash basins that were used in bathrooms in the 18th and 19th century. A large bowl with warm soap water was usually placed on a table and used for washing by the inmates of the house. The modern version is a close copy of the same basic design with new features incorporated into it.

Though vessel sinks are aesthetically appealing they are not suitable for bathrooms frequented by young children. They are installed pretty high and are not convenient. Smaller kids find it difficult to reach the sinks since they are placed higher than normal wash basins.

There are a few things that need to considered while renovating an old bathroom or constructing a new one. One needs to know the importance of the vanity area and realize that it will remain the focal point in a bathroom. Therefore there is a need to concentrate on the vanity, mirror, countertop, sink and other trimmings to spruce up the space. A bathroom must appear classy and yet be practical and easy to maintain. There is nothing better than a vessel sink to help create the perfect bathroom although; a few things need to be considered before the installation of the sink. Since vessel sinks stand atop the countertop, regular plumbing and faucet will not do. The plumbing needs to be redone and a taller faucet added if the bathroom is being renovated. The normal 5 inch faucet is too short for vessel sinks.

There are two types of faucets designed for these sinks and are used depending on whether it will mounted on the wall or placed on the counter. The faucets fixed on the counter top are actually quite tall, with a long curved tip which allows them to stretch over the rim of the sink. These faucets can be fixed easily. All that is required is an opening on the counter top through which the faucet passes to be attached to the pipe. A wall mounted faucet on the other hand will require a little more effort. If it is to be fixed in a new bathroom the plumbing can be done to accommodate it, however if it is to be fixed in an existing bathroom it is not a feasible idea unless the bathroom is being completely revamped. Fixing a faucet on the wall will require the wall to be broken and the plumbing to be extended to reach the height of the faucet. This takes a lot of effort and is an added expense.

The next part is the most exciting as it involves shopping for the actual product that will grace the bathroom. There is variety of materials available from which the sink can be selected. Each material has its advantages. Tempered glass for instance makes for a good choice as it does not break or crack easily. Glass also reflects light beautifully and can make the bathroom look dreamlike. Stone and copper are good choices too. There are a myriad of choices available in stone such as onyx, marble, soapstone, granite and many more. Stones like as onyx and marble give the bathroom a rich and classy look. For those who do not want to experiment with different materials and like to play safe there is a wide selection of ceramic and porcelain products available too. The options available are limitless. It is personal preferences that make individuals select a sink. However, each material gives the bathroom a different appeal.

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