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Articles And Resources > How To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Bathrooms do more than just providing us with some space for a shower, they can offer a retreat when you are stressed, depressed and just need some quiet and calm space for yourself. They also offer a space for serenity and intimate moments, alone or otherwise. A small bathroom can however feel very claustrophobic and depressing; it can make you feel trapped instead of providing the peace and tranquility you longed for.

Good thing is that you can make your bathroom feel larger and spacious without necessarily adding any more square-footage. It all comes back to elements of design and decoration; you can use color, lighting and decorations to make your bathroom a spacious cozy retreat. The following tips will help you make your bathroom feel larger even if it remains the same size.

Use light colors

Soft, pale and light colors give an allusion of more space. Dominating your bathroom with white may however make your bathroom look clinical and cold. To make your bathroom feel bigger, use light neutral colors such as light taupe or sandy light beige as dominant background wall colors. You can sparingly use brighter colors for towels, accessories and objects of décor. Using cool colors also brings serenity to your bathroom in addition to larger space illusion.

Brighten Up your bathroom

Adding brighter lighting to your bathroom "opens up" the room and makes it interesting. Recessed lighting can be installed in the ceiling to focus on any work space. You can also use countertop or wall sconces to add more warmth while at it. Other alternatives may include using larger windows, solartubes or using skylights, though these might be a little costly, but worth it.

Replace vanity cabinet sinks with pedestal sinks.

Vanity cabinet sinks comes with extra storage cabinets under the sink which consumes a lot of space. Replacing the vanity cabinet sinks with pedestal glass sinks will definitely make your bathroom feel a little larger and spacious. Wall mounted stone sinks can also create the same effect and add a little more art. You will therefore have to find an alternative storage space, small wall shelves can do.

Replace or remove anything that sticks out

Objects, furniture and accessories that sticks out into the room "catches" the eye and makes the room seem to "shrink". Remove hanging racks, decorative accessories or wall shelves that stick out into the room's space. Of course, you might need the usefulness of these things, but if the room feels bigger without them, then you will have to think of their alternatives.

Install reflective mirrors

If the space can allow this, use larger reflective mirrors in the space above the bathroom sink. The mirror will help reflect the light in the room and will also pick up any patterns and colors. You might consider using pieces of decorative mirrors instead of one single large mirror. Mirrors will provide an illusion of continuity and increased room space.

Eliminate clutter

A neat, clean and organized bathroom will always look more spacious and larger unlike a dirty and cluttered one. Make sure you only have essential necessities which are well organized and keep everything else away. Make sure that all your storage space including the vanity and the linen closets are well organized. In general, keep everything where it belongs at all times.

While on that, you can also cut off some accessories that seem to fill the bathroom which makes it look smaller. Choose to use a large floor rag or carpet instead of several towels and choose one piece of décor object instead of many small pieces.

Decorate the walls

Applying a glaze coat over the plain walls and allowing some base coat to show up livens up the room and makes it look spacious. It gives the walls some depth with a pinch of serenity that comes with the selected colors. Alternatively, you can hang a large picture frame that looks like a window with a view of a beautiful garden or horizon.

Light-Colored Flooring

Just like with the walls, using light colors for the floor will make your bathroom seem to open up and look more spacious. If you can't replace or repaint the existing floor, you can alternatively use a large light-colored rag or carpet to cover the open floor space.

Just because your bathroom is mall doesn't mean that it has got to give you a feeling of suffocation and being trapped. You can use a combination of the above named tips to make that special space look lively and reflect your sense of color, design and style while at it.

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