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Articles And Resources > Why Vessel Sinks Are So Popular

Vessel sinks have been growing in popularity for the last 10 years or so, for various reasons. Before this, seeing one in a home was considered unusual. These days they can be found almost everywhere, from fine hotels to newly built homes to upscale restaurants. Traditional undermount sinks seem to almost be on their way out compared to how many vessel sinks you now see installed. The trend is nice to see, because it give you a lot more options when it comes to designing your kitchen or bathroom.

Vessel sinks are great, because they are made from an even wider variety of materials than traditional sinks. You can get them made out of copper, granite, stainless steel, glass and more. What makes vessel sinks even cooler is the variety of different counters you can use to have the sink rest on. This has created a situation where designers can let their creative sides go, for example using an antique table and installing a copper vessel sink on top of it for a cool retro look. On the other end of the spectrum, many modern homes are utilizing granite counters with granite or copper vessel sinks for a more minimalist look.

Even though vessel sinks are enjoying immense popularity right now, do not think about installing one just because you like the way they look. There are a couple things you should know about these sinks before purchasing one. First, since the sink sits above the counter instead of even with it, there is a much larger chance that the vessel can get nicked or scratched. Another issue that you might want to think about is the sound that water makes when hitting an exposed sink like this. If your vessel is made out of stone this will not be an issue, but a copper or metal sink will be very noisy, and this might be an issue in a bathroom when you want to be quiet at times. You can keep a vessel sink from getting chipped by purchasing one made of metal, and you can solve the noise problem by buying a stone sink. You will have to decide which problem is more of an issue for you.

These small complaints aside, the vessel sink continues to get more popular every day because of its versatility and beauty. It can be designed to look like an old European sink, or it can look like the most modern of sinks. Unlike traditional sinks, the vessel can be made to work placed on top of old antique pieces of furniture, such as desks or tables, to give your bathroom, bedroom, or even kitchen a completely outside the box look.

Regardless of which style of vessel sink you decide to go with, the end result is sure to show your creative and unique style. Vessel sinks are all the rage right now and show no signs of losing popularity any time soon. Because of this they are becoming more affordable, so you might want to check out the various options available next time you want to remodel or install a new sink.

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